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Ok. This envision started somehow by chance, like many other famous visions in the world, one day when I succeded in mixing together two separate sides of my life experience: the academic background - with a deep and wide knowledge of Art History, Iconology, Past, Modern and Contemporary History, Western Heritage - and the painting and decorating techniques I learnt at the Fine Art Academy in Carrara, Italy. 


Yes, I can make frescoes. Yes, I can make murals. Yes, I can work with small pieces and big canvas. Yes, I can easily work with digital files to design interiors, layouts, logo and brand tags.But my favorite invention is what I like to call - and trade mark, be careful! - Literary Paintings ®, a way to combine images ant text, eye and mind, Art and Learning.  


Let's arrange a mural wich has to be inspired to some Master's masterpieces, not actually a true copy. Any era is welcome, any style you may love. Let's overpaint a text, explaining the meaning of each figure or symbol and the reason why the author arranged it that way. Also, in the same room, or canvas, or window, let's complete the description of the artwork by writing on the walls more critics details. 


The idea then is to project spaces where I can put a famous art piece together with its meaning and critic arrangement. I wish to offer clients a very professional approach to painting and loving Art and I started thinking about the chance of having this a special "product" of mine. 

Francesca Tosca Robicci - Literary Paintings ® - ROME NEW YORK CITY

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Francesca Tosca Robicci - Literary Paintings ®

Email: - Mob:  +39.347.1056812 

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