I guess I have some issues with Memory. The subjects of Memory, History and Heritage have always captured my attention, since I first met the iconologist Aby Warburg in my academic studies, along with his masterpiece,  Mnemosyne, the "Atlas of Memory". His researches upon the western and classical iconography deeply influenced my way into the world. 


I am a Museologist with a strong background in Art History, Literature and Contemporary History, as well as consistent management experience in Museums and Galleries. In the last years, my career in Museums flanked this artistic experience as a painter and interior decorator after a Bachelor's degree at the Fine Art Academy. 


    The Aeneid, Latin poet Virgil's masterpiece, begins with the escape of hero Aeneas from the burning city of Troy. According to tradition, the hero carries his old father Anchises on his back to save him, and his young son Astyanax hand-in-hand. By preserving and promoting Italian traditional art techniques such as the Buon Fresco, the Venetian Marmorino and figurative painting, I shall support my personal Anchises project: this meaning to give a future to our ancestors by transferring them somewhere else, to give new roots to our memories, to save our descendants from the fire of the Past.


As I feel I deeply belong to the heritage of western art, I studied the best way to learn it, investigate it, and preserve it from its main enemies: Time and the loss of memory. Finding myself involved in the modern struggles against dangers and changes in society, I decided to dedicate my studies and activities to preserve the Past, mostly getting it to safety into a personal and inspiring overview. 


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